Vice President of Operations

Location: TBD, South Carolina
Date Posted: 09-20-2018
    Vice President, Operations
Reports to COO                                               
POSITION SUMMARY: Develop/execute the strategies, plans and associated processes to ensure ingredients and products for Company and its partners are productively and appropriately sourced, produced and prepared for commercialization and which can meet the Company’s stringent quality benchmarks and regulatory requirements.
FLSA STATUS: employee. EXEMPT The U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers to classify their employees as being either exempt or non-exempt for the purpose of being paid overtime wages. The essential duties of this job are such that the employee is classified according to the FLSA as an
To perform the job successfully, the employee must be able to perform each essential duty of the job in a satisfactory manner, with or without a reasonable accommodation. The essential duties of the job include the Responsibilities, Experience, Competencies, Proficiencies, Physical Demands, and Desired Leadership Behaviors outlined below.
RESPONSIBILITIES – Satisfactorily performing and/or achieving the following Responsibilities are essential duties of the job.
  • Develop and execute strategies, plans and associated processes to ensure ingredients for Company and its partners are productively and appropriately sourced and which meet regulatory and company requirements.
      Develop and execute strategies, plans and associated processes to ensure products for Company and its partners are productively and appropriately produced and prepared for commercialization within Company and regulatory guidelines.  Develop and execute strategies, plans and associated processes to ensure products for Company
        Oversee the coordination and management of outside contract manufacturing.
        Ensure cooperation and alignment between manufacturing and QA/QC, Finance, Shipping and other relevant functional areas.
        Keep the COO, CFO, Vice President, Quality informed about, potential threats, opportunities, and recommended actions.
        Ensure compliance with Company policies as well as federal, state and local regulatory bodies, and other quality agencies, manufacturing standards, and certifying agencies.
        Maintain a safe work place for employees and ensure compliance with OSHA and other federal, state, and local governing bodies regarding safety regulations and guidelines.
        Establish key performance metrics and monitor performance to ensure that progress is being made and corrective action, if necessary, is promptly taken.
        Develop annual operating budgets, capital plans and periodic updates, recommend staffing and investment resourcing allocations, and ensure ongoing monitoring of spending against plans.
        Other duties as assigned.
        Build and lead a highly performing team, secure the best talent, develop and strengthen staff and future leaders, and provide ongoing coaching and feedback.
        Conduct formal and informal performance assessments of staff, including performance versus expectations and goals, behaviors and leadership potential, and seek the same for self.
        Actively participate in required training and development programs and electives as suit one’s needs, and support colleagues, trainers, and management as appropriate with these efforts.
        Promote the Company’s Mission and Values, including an accountable, innovative, and results-oriented culture that promotes customer service, openness, teamwork, mutual trust, and respect.
 EXPERIENCE / COMPETENCIES / PROFICIENCIES – Satisfactorily achieving and/or meeting the following Experience, Competencies, and Proficiencies are essential duties of the job:
        Experience and/or Education: College degree required; advanced degree a plus. 20+ years’ related experience and/or equivalent combination of education and experience and 7+ years’ experience in an FDA-regulated environment. Experience with ISO and/or GMP standards required.
        Computer and Technical Skills: Demonstrates proficiency in the use of the equipment and software required to accomplish the responsibilities of the position.
        Comprehensive understanding of dietary supplement manufacturing principles and practices, machinery and equipment, staffing and training, quality and regulatory requirements, key performance metrics and measurements.
        Knowledge of the dietary supplement supply chain, suppliers, procurement principles and practices and related processes, negotiation, staffing and training.
        Demonstrates expertise in leading the development and execution of transformational production and procurement strategy and change.
        Demonstrates ability to develop, measure and deliver upon business objectives.
        Ability to build, develop, motivate and engage high-performance teams.
        Comfort with and interacting with company leadership, staff, and third parties.
        Supervise and manage others, delegate appropriately, and follow-up on work assignments.
        Assess talent, hire new staff, conduct formal and informal performance assessments, and address employee non-performance.
        Develop and deliver on assigned objectives within requested timeframes.
        Work cooperatively with managers in other departments.
        Possess good interpersonal skills.
        Engage others in a positive manner.
        Possess strong attention to detail.
        Possess strong verbal and communication skills.
        Raise issues and concerns promptly.
        Document and present work in a clear and concise manner.
        Work independently with minimal direction and oversight.
 PHYSICAL DEMANDS – Being able to meet the Physical Demands of the job is an essential duty of the job.
        Employees at Company perform the Responsibilities of their jobs in various manufacturing, warehousing, and administrative areas. The various departments at Company include Production, Operations, Quality, Accounting/Finance, Medical Affairs, Administration, Information Technology, Maintenance, Engineering, Customer Service, and Sales.
        Must be able to work in a stationary position and move about unassisted. Must be able to hear and converse with supervisors and employees and work in a moderate noise level environment. Must be able to read large amounts of printed material.
        Employee are expected to meet the Physical Demands of their job, which is an essential duty of this job. If requested and deemed appropriate, Company will provide a reasonable accommodation to a disabled employee to meet the Physical Demands of the job.
DESIRED LEADERSHIP BEHAVIORS – Meeting the following Desired Leadership Behaviors are essential duties of the job:
        Drive Innovation and Change – Create new and novel ideas and processes and translate those into clear and actionable strategy, specific objectives, and action plans. Generate alternatives and assess benefits and risks. Allocate resources and make critical choices to execute strategy.
        Take accountability and drive performance – Consistently deliver on commitments. Demonstrate ownership of results within and beyond one’s responsibility. Set clear and high expectations and hold self and others accountable for decisions and results.
        Build teamwork and engage others – Create a unified and seamless team, and foster energy, excitement, and personal investment in others. Encourage information sharing and collaboration. Remove barriers and eliminate non-value-added work.
        Communicate directly – Share opinions, thoughts, and facts openly with clarity, transparency, honesty, and balance. Seek multiple perspectives and listen openly to other points of view. Enable and demonstrate the courage to speak up on issues and risks as well as good news.
        Develop self and others – Continuously build a high-performing diverse team to achieve objectives. Develop self and others to improve performance in current role and to prepare for future roles. Provide frequent feedback and coaching to others to improve performance. Recognize and celebrate success.
– Demonstrate principled leadership and sound business ethics; promote the Company’s Mission and Values and demonstrate consistency among principles, values, and behaviors. Promote resilience and perseverance. Create an environment that promotes balance between professional and personal life. Set the example        
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