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Software Developer - Programmer C

Salt Lake City,, Utah
We produce software used for digital image processing in the printing industry.  It is an "industrial" product, aimed at commercial users.  Our main product runs in 28 languages and is sold in over 120 countries.  We work with a steady stream of large and specialized printers, cutters, and finishing machines from companies such as Epson, HP, Canon and specialized equipment from small manufacturers all over the world.  We were founded in 1982 by the current owners, and we have not laid off a single employee in over fifteen years.   Few technology companies of any size offer that stability.

This job is for a computer programmer skilled in C, with some experience in C++, Objective C, or Java. The work requires an ability to quickly read and understand C and C++, as well as to write it.   If you know C and Java, you can probably learn C++ on the job.  We use C++ in most new code, making considerable use of STL and Boost. In this position, you will spend a lot of time coding with relatively few meetings. When working with us as a programmer, 70% of your interaction is with co-workers-very little time is spent in meetings. Our products run on Windows platforms, and are developed with the Visual Studio IDE.  We tend to avoid Microsoft tools and prefer open source and open standards (such as STL) where possible, but still find Visual Studio the most convenient way to develop for the operating system that runs most of the world's computers. A skilled C/C++ coder who is not a Windows programmer can learn the needed Windows programming on the job.

Future projects are likely to involve thin-client development with HTML and Javascript.   We may occasionally ask a programmer to quickly brush up and hack a PHP script on a web site.  If you're the person we're looking for, you'll have little fear of a quick brush-up for a quick hack, or even teaching yourself a new scripting language on request. Knowledge of computer graphics or image processing can be handy, and expand the applicant's range of potential assignments, but is not essential.  Some of this can be learned on the job. We work with programmers scattered all over the world, practicing a wide range of techniques and skills.  You'll see all sorts of things in the code that comes in here.

 A degree involving computer science would be helpful, but is not essential to be considered for this position.   We also feel the ideal personality for this type of work is someone who plays with computer code and/or programming  electronics at home.  Our office is located in Salt Lake City and open 8:30am-5:30pm.
Thank you for considering this opportunity!

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